Comments from clients

In the past 30 years I have helped thousands of people improve their communication skills and become more confident.

A consultation with me is completely confidential, so I do not list famous people whom I have helped or mention companies that have employed me, other than the educational establishments where I have worked.

People who work in media, the judiciary, politics, the police force, the health service, corporate, financial and academic careers make up a large part of my clientele. I also give training to people who want to do well at interview or to make a special occasion speech at a wedding or other such event.

Here are some reasons people have given for attending my courses and their unsolicited feedback sent to me afterwards:

I dread every new work project and meeting in case I am going to be asked to do a presentation, no matter how small. I have no faith in my ability and past bad experiences have confirmed in my head that I am a failure when it comes to public speaking.
I cannot tell you the difference your course has made to me personally and professionally. Instead of being a nervous wreck I look towards presentations with a feeling of optimism and some excitement. Even the big ones don't fill me with the same dread and wobbly knee syndrome that they used to. Thank you for the hugely positive change you have helped me make in my life.

When I joined your class I had a number of key objectives: to become a better speaker, to be able to think and speak on my feet, and to enjoy the experience.
Your excellent tuition has certainly helped me achieve all three goals. To qoute from many acceptance award speeches: " I could never have done this without Rosarie Nolan!"

I would like to talk without having a massive adrenalin rush and without shaking and quivering.
I am now aware that I don't shake when I am speaking. Rosarie has taught me to stand, look at people, and prepare myself to be calm.

After a bad experience speaking to a small group at work I have avoided public speaking situations.
I am so glad that I enrolled on this course. I certainly think that I have gained confidence. Rosarie is a gifted teacher.

I am terrified of speaking in public. I lack the self confidence to feel that what I say has any impact. I don't think I am interesting enough to hold the attention of an audience.
I really enjoyed the experience, much against my expectations. This was due to your exciting method of instruction. Thank you for working so hard for me.

I can babble when I am nervous and need to master a measured delivery and control.
I think this course was great - sympathetic and understanding and very helpful. It has really boosted my confidence. Watching others on the course improve was inspiring.

I should like to be able to speak in public with ease, and feel comfortable and relaxed with myself. It would be good to feel confident speaking at meetings and at conferences and not spend the preceding weeks, days and minutes worrying about it.
I have enjoyed the course immensely and feel a reduction in fear. Many thanks for such a well-run course.

I feel apprehensive about public speaking. It is always a dreaded experience - never something to be enjoyed.
The ability to enjoy presenting is the real improvement, giving me positive feelings and memories rather than negative ones.

I believe that there is a lot of room for improvement in my presentation skills.
After your training I led a two-hour seminar and I got good feedback afterwards. I owe you a lot for just being able to stand up and present for such an extended period and to such a large audience. At one stage prior to the presentation, I began to worry that I wasn't nervous enough about the task before me! I think that has been the most significant benefit from your training.

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