Intensive Speaking Course

Date: Friday 27th March 2020, 12.30 - 16.30 pm  Enrol now

  • Find out the tips and techniques that the professionals use in order to appear confident at public speaking.
  • See how to use voice and gestures in order to communicate effectively.
  • Begin to master the fear that holds you back from speaking in front of an audience.

This course is an ideal opportunity to try out a talk or presentation in front of a small group and get constructive feedback. Video playback is included..

To enrol email Rosarie or phone: 01865 437232

Voice Skills Training

Date: Saturday, 28th March 2020, 9.30-13.30  Enrol now

  • Learn to project a clear confident voice.
  • Learn to add volume and power to your voice.
  • Develop a sound that is natural, authentic and has appeal.
  • Learn to relax so that your voice is pitched correctly.
  • Learn to pace what you say so that listening to you is easy.

The session will show you how relaxation, good breathing, resonance and projection contribute to making a better sound when you speak. Learn lots of exercises and techniques that if you practise will change, nurture and improve your voice sound.

Coping with Challenge - Assertiveness

Date: Wednesday 8th April 2020, 12.30 - 16.30 pm  Enrol now

  • Introduction to the Parent-Adult-Child theory of Thomas Harris
  • Separating the emotional response from the rational.
  • Dumping the labels that hamper you when it matters most
  • Finding new labels and methods of responding.

This course is an ideal opportunity to work in a small group setting in lieu of 1-1 coaching. The course is intended to give you techniques that will help you manage your interaction with others, so that both parties benefit and you are actively engaged rather than passively surviving.

To enrol email Rosarie or phone: 01865 437232 or Text: 07785231248.

Evening Class in Public Speaking 

  • Public Speaking 8-week course starts 21st April 2020  Enrol now

    For more details about the evening class, or to enrol email or phone 01865 437232.


    "Great tutor, challenging course where I learned what public speaking is all about and most importantly for me working as part of a group.
    Helped me to reach the next step in my career.
    Can only recommend anyone who wants to learn or improve their public speaking to attend one of Rosarie's courses."- Kevin Wheatley

    "I believe that it was my attendance at your course that enabled me to deal with my nervousness and use my hand gestures effectively at a recent important presentation, part of a job interview. I really feel that you helped me overcome a massive hurdle in my professional and personal life - Thank you!!" - Catherine Norton

    "I have become more confident in public speaking, not going red and speaking in a clear and fairly steady pace. I could improve my pausing more". - Rose Billings

    "Watching myself on video was reassuring that I am not a hopeless case! I loved the breathing and relaxation techniques." - Peter McGorry

    "I was really impressed at the balance between group work and personalised attention. I feel motivated to do more, and oddly re-assured." - Fiona Foster  

    Training in Presentations

    • Four one-hour sessions 1-1 or by phone with Rosarie Nolan tailored to suit your requirements.
    • Learn how to prepare well-structured material, have good powerpoint visuals, engage your audience and be at ease.

    "I was commended for my presentation at interview a few days after the course. I am so glad that I attended". - Kathy Wade

    "I found the session really helpful and constructive. I am almost looking forward to the next speaking challenge!! Thank you". - Roger Thomson

    Wedding Speeches

    • Be the best on the big day with personalised advice on your speech and your presentation style.
    • What to say and what not to say.
    • Use jokes or a style that works for you.
    • Enjoy being confident and prepared.
    • One-to-one or phone consultation with Rosarie Nolan

    "Very inspiring. Very worthwhile. Many thanks". - Brian Roche

    "My speech was a huge success. I have been overwhelmed by how nice people have been about it - the general opinion was that the content and tone was just right for the day. Thank you very much for all your help - it made a big difference to be able to go through it with an expert". - Colin Morley

    "The comments I received varied from, 'Very good' to 'Excellent' and even 'Brilliant' and several commented that it was the best Father of the Bride's Speech that they ever heard"! - Matt Donald

    Job Interview Training

    • Learn how to make the most of the opportunity, to sell yourself, to control anxiety and to eliminate unnecessary concerns.
    • Work with intention to get a successful outcome.
    • Practise answering questions or have a mock interview.
    • One-to-one or phone consultations with Rosarie Nolan

    "Fantastic - so glad I came. Self-belief is increasing already." - Jonathan Harrison

    Networking Training

    • Making a good impression - Appearance, Presence, Manners, Confidence.
    • Meeting and greeting - Handshake,  Eye Contact, Joining Groups, Working a Room.
    • Conversation - Small talk, Starting a Conversation, Establishing rapport.
    • Being Professional - Asking Questions and Listening, Following up Opportunities.
    • Giving Benefit - Helpful Presentations, Introductions.

    "Today was good fun - a good atmosphere, supportive, positive. I feel more positive as a result and have some useful tips to apply to improve my style/technique. You have a good combination of being supportive and honest." - Julie Croucher

    Goal-setting and Action planning

    • Establish your true wants, values and attainable goals.
    • Learn techniques to get you out of a rut and proactive.
    • Harness your talent in order to deliver a good outcome.
    • Set up an action plan.

    This course is an ideal opportunity to work in a small group setting in lieu of 1-1 coaching.

    Corporate or In-house Training is provided in: Assertiveness Skills, Confidence Building, Public Speaking, Presentations, Networking Skills.



Speak Confidently

“Forget the trembling and fear. Grasp the nettle and enrol for one of the courses planned this year!”

Rosarie Nolan

Speak Confidently

Spring/Summer 2020 Enrol Now 

8-week public speaking evening class

  • Public Speaking Course  -  starting Tuesday, 21st April 2020                                                                                  

Half-day specialized sessions March/April 2020

  • Intensive Speaking Course
    Friday,  27th March, 12.30-16.30 
  • Voice Skills Training
    Saturday,  28th March, 9.30-13.30
  • Coping with Challenge - Assertiveness
    Wednesday, 8th April, 12.30-16.30



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